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The lyrics and music for all songs listed on this page are written and performed by Robert Woudsma and as such are copywrite material. For each MP3 file downloaded please remit
$2.00 to the author and help good Canadian music get back on its wobbly feet!
M y   M u s i c .  
.  .

Technology has such an impact! I am in the process of re-recording the songs, recording ones
from that period I hadn't recorded before and writing new ones after a twenty-something year
hiatus. The recording system is a simple laptop computer but it offers infinitely more
capabilities than the old TEAC reel-to-reel (which I still have). The songs listed as 2004 or later
are new or re-recorded versions. Enjoy!!

I have been playing around with a guitar tablature/music writing
program called GuitarPro 6. It includes many instrument voices. I
have written an original little ditty that I call Anthem. It uses two
guitars, a bass and some drums, see what you think.