Woudsma Family Geneology
Earliest Woudsma Photo: The Family of Petrus-Isaacs Woudsma
The Woudsma Family Crest

In the mid ninteen-sixties Jan-anna
Woudsma, son of Gosse, while on a trip
from Canada to the Netherlands searched
for any exisitng Woudsma Family crest or
coat of arms. Not finding one, he
comissioned a crest to be researched
and created for the Woudsma family.

This stained glass version of this crest,
made by me, Robert Woudsma was
installed in the front door of Klaas
Woudsma's (son of Gosse) home in
Cobourg Ontario, Canada for many years.

Once Klaas Woudsma sold the Cobourg
home and moved to Whitby in 2007, the
stained glass crest moved to my home
near Inverary, Ontario.

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